Reedy River Landscapes

Reedy River Landscapes recognized the need to enhance their online user experience. Reedy River aimed to remain top-of-mind and be perceived as a reputable authority for those in Greenville seeking Landscape Applications at an average of $44k per project.


Our process began with a thorough exploration of Reedy River Landscapes' target audience, delving deep into their values, preferences, and decision-making patterns. This research was then coupled with extensive market analysis to inform the creation of an online experience that would resonate with users. By immersing ourselves in the user journey alongside RRL, we acquired the confidence to execute successful ad campaigns on their behalf.


Through our partnership with Reedy River Landscapes, we were able to optimize their client acquisition process by immersing ourselves in the user journey. Our efforts to build trust through commercial advertising and edutainment, coupled with the creation of targeted ad campaigns, yielded predictable results. Over the course of 12 months (February 2022 to February 2023), our collective efforts resulted in a revenue of $1.7 million. This success story continues to unfold, as revenue continues to grow.