Internship Fall 22'

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  • What?
    Fall Semester Creative Strategist Internship

  • Why?
    We do awesome things, and you should too

  • Who?
    College Student or Recent Grad

The Fall Internship


Applications Close: Tuesday, Aug 23rd

Interviews On: Aug 24th-26th

Applicants Selected/Offer Sent: Friday, Aug 26th

Internship Begins: Tuesday, September 13th

Internship Ends: Tuesday, December 6th

135-Hour Internship | 9-15 Hours p/Week

All Holidays Off

Hybrid (meet once/twice a week), Choose Your Schedule

We are looking for one to two interns to be a part of Branded by Greenville's growth, beginning September 13th.

You’ll join the Branded by Greenville team and learn the core skills of Creative Advertising: Client Acquisition Process (the Customer Journey), Photography, Videography, Web Design and Development, SEO, Google Advertising, Social Media Streamlining, finding and obtaining clients of your own, starting a Business in the Creative Industry or developing a solid portfolio to land the perfect job.

By the end of our fall internship, we hope that you will have gained enough value to either start your own business or develop a career path you are confident in.

You will work on various projects with Branded by Greenville.

After Fall Semester | Sept 13th - Dec 6th

We’re working towards creating opportunities to continue working at Branded by Greenville and are looking to offer a full-time position to one intern. At the very least, you should have turned yourself into a hyper-employable creative strategist.

A typical week

  • 2-3 days on the field: You will be (including but not limited to) building relationships with small businesses, taking photo + video, growing BBG's organic through Social Media, web design, brand identity and guides, and obtaining constructive feedback.
  • 1-2 days training: We will meet 1-2 days a week for 1-2 hours for feedback, resources and training.

Choose What to Learn

We want to serve as a place for valuable resources and advice.


  • Google + Facebook Campaigns
  • Strategic Targeting
  • Client Acquisition Process
  • Video Production Advertising
  • Photo + Video Editing

Web Design UI/UX

  • User Personas / Client Avatar
  • Figma Wireframing
  • Web Design + Development
  • SEO Strategy

Client Onboarding

  • Prospect Outreach
  • 5 Stages of Commitment
  • Branding + Logo Design + Website
  • Winning Awesome Projects

Entry requirements

No qualifications or experience is required. We’ll be looking for the following (don’t worry if you don't hit them all):

1. Self-study in creative(or related discipline)

We are always impressed by people who have taught themselves. We’d love to see what you’ve learned or built. Autodidacts, welcome! 

2. Strong written communicator

You don’t have to consider yourself a writer. But we’ll pay close attention to your cover letter. We’ll be looking for someone who communicates tightly, makes a connection and has a touch of flair.

3. Excellence at anything

Perhaps you've played music or sport to a high standard:  whether rapping or ultimate frisbee, viola or boxing - we are ready to be impressed. Perhaps you’ve got glowing letters of recommendation from somewhere you volunteer. Surprise us.

4. Work ethic

We love to see evidence that you’ve taken the hard way, whether for curiosity, love or money. Maybe you’ve worked somewhere over a long period, beyond what most mortals could sustain. Even if the job was unglamorous, we'll be impressed by the grind. 

5. Team player

So much of what we do is about teamwork. We’ll be delighted if you’ve been involved in something bigger than yourself. Excellence at facilitating workshops, being a leading light in a community or starting something social will wow us.

6. Ambition to make an impact

We are aiming to make the world a better place. It would be wonderful if you are too. Tell us how or why or where!


  • People: 1-2 Interns (preferably in the Greenville area)
  • Duration: Fall Semester
  • Salary: $10.08 p/hour | 9-15 Hours p/week
  • Tablet/Camera Gear: Supplied if/when needed
  • Holiday: All holidays given


We are happy for the job to be mainly remote, but we do like to work face-to-face occasionally, so (mild) preference is given to candidates who get to Greenville on a weekly basis.

Applications closed

Got a question? Email us. No recruiters, please.

Please Send your cover letter
+ any related work to

Applications closed

Got a question? Email us. No recruiters, please.