Branded by Greenville

We are People of Imagination and Intentionality.

We believe in our ability to make an impact on the brands we partner with, big or small. We use data-driven decisions to solve your brands biggest challenges.

Downtown Greenville, SC
Our team

This is our team

We’ve created our business model to be a small team, with never more than 15 clients at one time. This saves you from being a number and allows us to do better work.

Warren Coppage
Warren Coppage
Co.Owner / Chief Executive Officer

I specialize in helping you establish clear objectives and build advertising blueprints that work.

Area of Expertise

Business Development, Sales, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Advertising, Customer Relationship Management

Most Likely To:

Timothy Bayne
Timothy Bayne
Digital Advertising Account Manager

I have a passion for cultivating healthy relationships with clients, establishing clear vision, and building out that vision into real, tangible success.

Area of Expertise

SEO, Google Advertising, Project Management, Company Culture, Client Relationship Management, Email Marketing

Most Likely To:

Evan Barnes
Evan Barnes
Co.Owner / Founder

Husband to Audra, father to Shiloh. I enjoy helping business owners solve their biggest challenges through intentionality and deep-focus problem solving.

Area of Expertise

Brand Positioning, Business Growth and Consulting

Most Likely To:

Our Partners

Here are our Partners

We partner with select vendors widely recognized for their creative work. Take some time to explore
Who we work with and why.

Marianne De L'isle
Marianne De L'isle
Brand Designer

I’m Marianne, a designer and illustrator with a rich background in design agencies, specializing in creating impactful brand identities. I’m deeply passionate about the creative aspects of design, particularly storytelling and conceptual thinking. My work combines aesthetics with functionality, always aiming to make a lasting impact.

Silas Rowland
Silas Rowland
Director of Photography

While native to the ever-growing city of Greenville, SC, my work stretches from coast to coast and into Europe. The origins of my craft began in narrative film where I learned to tell stories through screenwriting and cinematography. The qualities I learned in Cinema have been adapted to create unique visuals for industrial, commercial, and product video advertisements. Creating story, tone, and engagement is my passion and I’m thankful to be able to do it from behind a camera

Jeffrey Griffith
Jeffrey Griffith
Director of Photography

I'm Jeffrey! I work with Branded By Greenville as DOP (Director of Photography) on film shoots. With over a decade of experience in and around the world of film production, I bring my skill sets in creating the best looking shot while keeping in line with the project. From the streets of LA to the far reaches of Indonesia, I've been able to work on a huge variety of projects around the globe gaining techniques and insights from each shoot. Specializing in Camera Setup, Framing, and Lighting, I bring the ability to craft a story through motion. It's not just about a good looking shot but bringing it in line with the project and letting it speak to the viewer. I look forward to making something amazing with you!

Ryan Williams
Ryan Williams
Lead Actor / Voice Actor

My mission is to make your message loud and clear while also remembering to talk to people like they’re human and not just customers. I hope to work with your business in the near future, to help create an experience your audience will love.

We're hiring!

We are always on the search for passionate individuals.


We Believe.

Life is beautiful. Our values are held near to us not just in the work field, but in everything we do.


We believe intentionality
is at the heart of a higher-end
experience and more predictable outcomes.


We believe imagination
is what sets an average company
apart from an industry leader.


We strive to be influential
to agencies and creatives
around the world through thoughtful
education and leadership.

Our story

Our story is real.

2015 • January

We drove semi's.

He had a dream of recording an Americana album in Chicago with some close friends. This was how he planned to afford it. We drove Semi’s cross country - from TN to WA, from NY to CA. That time on the open road taught us much about who we were and who we wanted to be in this life.

2018 • December

We enrolled.

After earning our degrees in Advertising and Communications, we enrolled in online education. We had a heart for Advertising and Design, but how could we use these things to help people in a way we can measure?

2020 • January

We became an LLC

Two strangers shared the same dream but didn’t yet know each other. We both moved to Greenville early 2020. We saw Greenville through the pandemic. We watched businesses close and watched Greenville rebound to new heights.

2021 • January

Online Programs, UI/UX, and Google Ads

We teamed up with a Functional Nutritionist, Landscape Design Company, and a Custom Home Builder in Greenville. We generated our first true client a trackable +$1.7 million in revenue in 12 months from Feb 2022-Feb 2023 (and counting)

2023 • December

We became an S Corp

Two strangers crossed paths, developed a strong bond and decided to pursue Branded by Greenville full time.

Our Brand Legacy

The biggest brands, the one’s we resonate with most, took the time to invest in their story. Starbucks, Apple, North Face. It’s because we (as an audience) have an innate yearning to connect with something.

We wanted to create a story. A Brand we could build off of.

After many different BBG concepts, something about a boy with his balloon felt right. Balloons are soft around the edges, rise slowly, and have a friendly tone to them.

Luke, Reedy River Landscapes
“...Branded by Greenville’s succeeding PPC campaign also surpassed the company's average generated leads by 300%. Apart from being customer-oriented, the team also proved to be highly strategic and effective”
Become Branded by Greenville

What does it mean to be Branded by Greenville?

10% of all Branding Projects are donated to a local organization helping Greenville flourish. You will receive a framed plaque displaying your new Brand Identity and the organization you helped.


Our process is like eating a cookie. Simple, with good taste.

Our Discovery process is designed to be simple and straightforward, making it easy to get started.

Step 1. Discovery

A simple 10 minute call that allows us to gather some information about your challenges or goals.

Step 2. Strategy

Usually about 1 hour in length. This gives us the opportunity to dive deeper and really understand if and how we can help.

Step 3. Pre-Production

Upon feedback and approval, we move into our pre-production meeting.

Client Testimonials

Believe in us with your whole heart, and you will look back and be proud of what we’ve accomplished together.

"Their process, presentation, and creative ideas added more value to our business and blew me away at every turn!"

Luke Steffensmeier

Owner, Reedy River Landscapes

"Branded by Greenville has made me feel confident and secure that they can do the job well."

Scott Smith

Owner, Realtor

“Branded by Greenville successfully delivered an informational and SEO-friendly website, which helped increase donations and save lives. The team was responsible, understanding, and ethical throughout the collaboration. Above all, they demonstrated a high level of involvement and integrity.”

Lennie Woods

Co-Founder, Clear Cell Sarcoma Foundation

"Their process is very structured and comprehensive. We are proud to have had our new website built by BBG."

Emily Roat

Designer, Fairview Custom Homes

"They've demonstrated clear and concise communication, which has been impressive throughout the workflow."

Daniel Kwak

Client Solutions Executive, AT&T

“Branded by Greenville built us an online program focused on functional nutrition. We are proud to provide the program to our patients."

Dr. Elliot

Owner, There’s Hope For