Corporate Citizenship

At the heart of our mission lies the firm belief that we can create a better world, beginning right here in Greenville. We are proud to offer our clients the opportunity to contribute to this mission by donating 10% of all branding project proceeds to a non-profit organization of their choice, carefully selected from the Upstate region.

Carolina Adaptive Golf

Carolina Adaptive Golf exists to create an environment where participants in the Carolinas have access to adaptive golf therapy that promotes inclusion, builds self-confidence and enhanced quality of life.

Footprints in Africa

Footprints in Africa is a Greenville based 501c3 committed to aiding the people of Africa, in poverty-stricken communities, with necessities needed to maintain quality of life.

One of FIA's initiatives includes the Preservation of Skilled Craftsmanship and Artisans in Africa through their made-in-Africa e-com store.

Each purchase helps sustain small businesses, preserves families, supports education, and invests courage into vulnerable communities throughout Africa.