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We offer a healthy amount of services, all connected to each other in some way. Please take your time to explore what we do and how it can help your company.

Our Services

You see how these things connect?

Making educated decisions on how to grow your brand is an ocean of exploration. By breaking down your client acquisition process, piece by piece, you can become confident in the direction your company is headed.



Your Brand Identity is the foundation of it all. It’s the heart and soul of your company. It’s what keeps you up at night.

Web Design


UI/UX is the hand that holds your audience to becoming a lifelong consumer of your brand.



Paying to find new customers searching, thinking or didn't realize they need your business.

Commercial Advertising is about reaching your audience on a deeper, more personal level.

Search Engine Optimization is earning your way to the top of Google, organically.



Automating your marketing funnel to lead your customers down the full user journey.

(CRM) Engaging your customers through the entire buying cycle. Generate Reviews, Repeat Service & Sales.

Commercial Photography increases the “perceived value” of your brand. It gives your co. a personal touch.

Communicate with your customers. Run promotions, educate & re-engage.


Illustration is a way of communicating your brand in a creative way. It adds heart and depth to your vision.


Copywriting is your Tone of Voice. How are you speaking to your Consumers and Employees?

Social Media allows you to connect with your audience a little closer. It’s where you can share what you do.



Product Design is a way of translating your Brand digitally or physically.



Voice Acting is a fun way to bring a script to life through Animation or Radio.


Animation is an inspiring way to educate and advertise your brand.



Animation is an inspiring way to educate and advertise your brand.


Our process is like eating a cookie. Simple, with good taste.

Our Discovery process is designed to be simple and straightforward, making it easy to get started.

Step 1. Discovery

A simple 10 minute call that allows us to gather some information about your challenges or goals.

Step 2. Strategy

Usually about 1 hour in length. This gives us the opportunity to dive deeper and really understand if and how we can help.

Step 3. Pre-Production

Upon feedback and approval, we move into our pre-production meeting.


Explore Our Services.

Each one of our services are created with the sole purpose of helping grow your business, predictably. Take some time to explore each one that stirs interest. Join our newsletter to stay up to date on latest trends.

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Branding is the heart and soul of your company. That thing that keeps you up at night? It's that - but visually.


Web Design & Development

Web Design is creating an experience for your user that they will not forget. One that helps them make decisions instead of causing them to bounce.

Web Design & Development

Google Advertising

Google Advertising is grabbing that low hanging fruit. Explore our Case Studies to see how we made a client $1.7 million in 12 months from Google Advertising.

Google Advertising

Commercial Advertising

Commercial Advertising is Video paired with Distribution. It's a creative approach to marketing.

Commercial Advertising

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is getting to the top of Google, organically.

Search Engine Optimization

Marketing Automation

Automate repetitive tasks and collect data about your customer behavior, helping us make informed decisions.

Marketing Automation

Customer Relationship Management

Building a relationship with your customers is easy with the right system.

Customer Relationship Management

Commercial Photography

Corporate Headshots, On-The-Job candids, or Product Photography increases visibility, curiosity, and strengthens your team.

Commercial Photography

Email & SMS Marketing

Email and SMS marketing are ways for businesses to send messages directly to customers' inboxes or mobile phones.

Email & SMS Marketing

Social Media

Social Media can be a daunting task unless the correct system is in play to increase your visibility, grow your audience, and connect with your users.

Social Media

Graphic Design

Graphic Design helps your audience fall a little more in love with your company.

Graphic Design

Client Testimonials

Believe in us with your whole heart, and you will look back and be proud of what we’ve accomplished together.

"Their process, presentation, and creative ideas added more value to our business and blew me away at every turn!"

Luke Steffensmeier

Owner, Reedy River Landscapes

"Branded by Greenville has made me feel confident and secure that they can do the job well."

Scott Smith

Owner, Realtor

“Branded by Greenville successfully delivered an informational and SEO-friendly website, which helped increase donations and save lives. The team was responsible, understanding, and ethical throughout the collaboration. Above all, they demonstrated a high level of involvement and integrity.”

Lennie Woods

Co-Founder, Clear Cell Sarcoma Foundation

"Their process is very structured and comprehensive. We are proud to have had our new website built by BBG."

Emily Roat

Designer, Fairview Custom Homes

"They've demonstrated clear and concise communication, which has been impressive throughout the workflow."

Daniel Kwak

Client Solutions Executive, AT&T

“Branded by Greenville built us an online program focused on functional nutrition. We are proud to provide the program to our patients."

Dr. Elliot

Owner, There’s Hope For

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