Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography makes a stronger brand

Commercial photography provides businesses with high-quality, customized images that increase brand credibility and engagement with customers.

Corporate Headshots

Corporate Headshots bring your company from robot to human. It instills a sense of belonging within the hearts of your team.

Drone Photography

Drone photography offers a unique perspective and the ability to capture stunning aerial images and videos that are perfect for showcasing landscapes, properties, events, and more.

Product Photography

Product photography helps businesses showcase their products in the best possible way, attracting customers, and increasing sales.

Commercial Photography

Because each project is custom to your needs, our processes are individually catered to your goals as well. However, our steps below should give you an idea of what our creative process looks like.

Pre-Production Meeting
We begin with a Pre-Production meeting where we cover, in detail, what you’re looking to accomplish through Commercial Photography. We discuss timelines, locations, people involved, and any additional information needed to write up an honest quote.
We bring our cast and crew to you, or you come to one of our studios to knock out our photography. If its ongoing photography, we work out logistics between capturing the photos you need and delivering on time. We provide an on-site i-pad to view unedited photos as they’re being taken.
We edit your photos to your specifications and provide an online private gallery for viewing. We offer high-end custom retouching which includes the removal of unwanted features such as hair, wrinkles, bags under eyes, or product blemishes.
Luke, Reedy River Landscapes
“...Branded by Greenville’s succeeding PPC campaign also surpassed the company's average generated leads by 300%. Apart from being customer-oriented, the team also proved to be highly strategic and effective”

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