Customer Relationship Management

CRM in Greenville, SC

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is similar to Marketing Automation in the sense that both of them are built to generate more revenue. CRM however, is different in the sense that catered specifically to helping your audience reach the finish line (convert) where as Marketing Automation is what brings your users TO the race. Many businesses in Greenville, SC fail to recognize the importance of effective CRM. The ones who do are on their way, if not leading their industry amongst their competitors.

Provide a Better Customer Experience

Provide your CUSTOMERS a better experience by understanding the 30,000ft view of your client acquisition process. We use tools like HubSpot to better understand how your customers interact with your brand.

Generate Customer Reviews

Generating customer reviews is underrated, but essential for growing your business organically. Set up an automated review system to streamline more reviews, faster.

Earn lifelong trust and repeat sales with your customers

Organize your customer base by interest and behavior so that you can make educated retargeting strategy.

Customer Relationship Management

Because each project is custom to your needs, our processes are individually catered to your goals as well. However, our steps below should give you an idea of what our creative process looks like.

We begin by diving deep into the intricacies of your client acquisition process so that we can set up your CRM Tool in a way that makes sense.
Once your CRM is setup and tested, we move into Launch phase where we begin gathering data on your audience. This helps us make better decisions with all current and future marketing initiatives.
Test, Track, Optimize
We test your CRM, track it’s progress, and optimize for success. We report and educate on how your customers are interacting with your business and optimize for optimal performance.
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“...Branded by Greenville’s succeeding PPC campaign also surpassed the company's average generated leads by 300%. Apart from being customer-oriented, the team also proved to be highly strategic and effective”

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