Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation in Greenville, SC

Marketing automation is a technology-based strategy that businesses use to streamline and automate repetitive marketing tasks, allowing them to effectively target and nurture leads, improve customer engagement, and drive more conversions.

Customer Segmentation

Everyone is different. Especially your customers. We automate the organization of all of your customer data to understand and serve them better.

Building Workflows

When people take specific action with your business, we build systems to give them a better experience-which equals to more revenue.

Build Out Your Marketing Funnel

Lead Magnets, Capturing data, & Nurturing your Customers with the goal of leading them from stranger to lifelong consumer.

Marketing Automation

Because each project is custom to your needs, our processes are individually catered to your goals as well. However, our steps below should give you an idea of what our creative process looks like.

We learn about your business, customers and current marketing efforts. We gain an understanding of your full client acquisition process, or your Full User Journey.
Based on our pre production meeting we build out your marketing funnel. This can include everything from Websites and Landing pages, to email and text messaging systems.
We test, track and optimize your Marketing Funnel for best performance, and then educate on the results. No contracts - we believe in what we do and this keeps us accountable and you confident in our work.
Luke, Reedy River Landscapes
“...Branded by Greenville’s succeeding PPC campaign also surpassed the company's average generated leads by 300%. Apart from being customer-oriented, the team also proved to be highly strategic and effective”

Let Us Build Your Automated Marketing Funnel.

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