Footprints in Africa

Evan Barnes
Evan Barnes
November 18, 2023
5 min read

Footprints in Africa

Footprints in Africa became Branded by Greenville’s first official Non-Profit Partnership in March of 2023. FIA is committed to assisting impoverished communities in Africa with essential resources required to sustain a decent quality of life. We connected with founder, Tammy D. Moore, through GuideStar, a platform that carefully vets the trust and reliability of 501(c)(3)’s in the U.S. and found that we share similar values not only in Greenville, SC - but globally.

Footprints in Africa involves themselves in various community outreach programs, advocacy campaigns, projects, and initiatives that seek to foster support leading to practical transformations for the betterment of the people living in Africa.

Why Footprints in Africa

Although Footprints in Africa has a handful of carefully structured initiatives, we chose 3 initiatives that we particularly resonate with. To learn more about Footprints in Africa, view here

The Mingi Child

Among the Karo and Hamar people in southern Ethiopia who speak the Omotic language, perfectly healthy and promising newborns are considered ritually impure for superstitious reasons, known as Mingi. The declaration of being Mingi implies that the child must be put to death as the Elders believe that allowing a Mingi child to live amongst the land and its people will attract ill fortunes such as drought, famine, disease, and death caused by evil spirits to their villages.

Footprints In Africa is working on saving Mingi Children through Child Sponsorship. See Here

Branded by Greenville believes in the mission of Footprints in Africa because to this day, they have rescued more than 50 children from tribal killings and provided them shelter and care in Jinka, Ethiopia. The organization recognizes that these children are the future leaders of Africa and, therefore, seeks to ensure that they grow up to be healthy and impactful adults.

As part of their efforts, they urge people to sponsor a Mingi Child at just $37 a month, which is equivalent to the cost of a cup of coffee a day. By doing so, sponsors can provide underprivileged children with love, nourishment, shelter, clothing, and education, thereby empowering them to make a positive impact in their communities and beyond.

Life Gardens

With a population of 46 million people, Kenya has over 35% of its citizens suffering from food insecurity and malnutrition annually. Footprints in Africa, in partnership with Thrive for Good, introduced Life Gardens into twelve schools in Kenya. With this initiative, over 5,000 students and teachers will have access to food, while also reducing school food expenses and promoting better health and nutrition for all involved.

Artisans in Africa

The mission of Footprints in Africa resonates with us deeply, especially when it comes to their commitment to promoting the preservation of skilled craftsmanship and artisans in Africa.

Through their online store, they have created an impactful platform that not only facilitates retail exchange but also supports small independent business owners in Africa.

By showcasing and making available Made in Africa items, they are empowering vulnerable communities, sustaining small businesses, preserving families, and supporting education. We believe in the power of commerce to create positive change, and Footprints in Africa's online store is a shining example of this.

To help support Footprints in Africa, visit their website here.